The Truth About Tourbillon Watch

Common Misconceptions About Tourbillon Watch

Many people still believe that the Tourbillon is the primary factor determining the absolute accuracy of a watch, but in reality, it is not the case. The Tourbillon serves merely as a supportive component, while the balance wheel is the decisive factor in the accuracy of the tourbillon watch.

Originally, the Tourbillon was designed for pocket watches to address timing discrepancies. Pocket watches were often kept stationary in pockets, leading to the balance wheel getting stuck, unlike wristwatches. The movement of wristwatches helped free the balance wheel from its stuck position. Therefore, Tourbillon was added to wristwatches primarily for aesthetic purposes.

Theory suggests that watches with high oscillation frequencies (the number of rotations or half-rotations the balance wheel oscillates within an hour) tend to be more accurate. The Tourbillon only ensures the stability of the balance wheel’s oscillations.

The Truth About Tourbillon Watch (3)

Today, automatic watches do not necessarily require Tourbillons but still attract buyers because they:

  • Showcase high craftsmanship talent.
  • Demand complexity and time.
  • Appeal to collectors with intricate models like Skeleton.
  • Increase in value over time.

Some Queries About Tourbillon Watches

  1. Is a Tourbillon Watches more accurate than a Quartz Watch?

Comparing the accuracy between Tourbillon and Quartz watches can lead to misconceptions. Quartz watches, also known as quartz crystal watches, are known for their high accuracy and minimal deviation, around ±20 seconds per month. The Tourbillon mechanism does not ensure absolute accuracy but rather aids in stabilizing the watch. Therefore, comparing Tourbillon and Quartz is not as straightforward as comparing accuracy.

  1. Why are Tourbillon Watches so expensive?

The high price of Tourbillon watches is attributed to the extremely complex and time-consuming manufacturing process. Each Tourbillon watch is handmade and comprises over 70 extremely compact components. This creates an aura of extravagance and uniqueness for watch brands.

  1. Is a Tourbillon Watches prone to breakage?

Although the Tourbillon has a complex structure, it doesn’t mean it’s prone to breakage. However, proper maintenance and care are necessary to ensure longevity for the watch.

  1. Which is the most expensive Tourbillon Watches?

The most expensive Tourbillon watch is Patek Philippe’s Grand Complications ‘Sky Moon Tourbillon’ Ref. 6002G-001, with a selling price of up to $5.8 million. This is a horological masterpiece with numerous complex functions and near-absolute precision.

The Truth About Tourbillon Watch (3)

  1. Which is the cheapest Tourbillon Watches?

For those looking to own an affordable Tourbillon watches, AATOS Tiago is a great choice with a price tag of only $500.

  1. Which is the thinnest Tourbillon Watches?

Bulgari Octo Finissimo holds the title for the thinnest Tourbillon watch in the world, with a thickness of only 1.8mm. This is a unique innovation by Bulgari, demonstrating pioneering technology in watchmaking.

The Truth About Tourbillon Watch (3)

  1. Why doesn’t Rolex produce Tourbillon Watches?

Rolex doesn’t manufacture Tourbillon watches because they focus on the utility and uniqueness of their products. The brand aims to maintain its image and does not want to disrupt the price scale of the luxury watch market.


With the talented hands and minds of Abraham-Louis Breguet, Tourbillon has become one of the most expensive mechanisms to appear in luxury watch brands. It is also hailed as a pinnacle in contemporary watchmaking, widely embraced in the market by the affluent and passionate collectors.

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