Quartz Watches: Precision and Causes of Inaccuracy

Quartz watches are renowned for their high precision, with an accuracy deviation of only about ±20 seconds per month. However, various factors can cause quartz watches to run inaccurately, including issues from the watch itself and the user’s handling. Let’s explore further with Mon Luxury!

Reasons for Quartz Watches Running Inaccurately

Here are some common causes:

1. Hands Touching the Dial or Crystal

When the watch hands touch the dial or crystal, increased friction can cause the watch to run slower. Sometimes, this issue is so subtle that a magnifying glass is needed to detect it. If the hands touch strongly, you might see circles on the crystal or dial caused by the second hand. This could result from a strong impact causing hand misalignment, assembly errors from the manufacturer, or poor craftsmanship when setting the hands. However, this issue is rare in Swiss watches due to their rigorous quality checks before leaving the factory.

Reasons for Quartz Watches Running Inaccurately

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2. IC Malfunction

The IC (Integrated Circuit) is a crucial component in a quartz watch, and when it fails, the watch will keep inaccurate time. Causes of IC malfunction include:

  • Water ingress or exposure to cold moisture.
  • The watch running out of battery and not being replaced in time, causing the battery to leak and damage the IC.

3. Battery Issues

A weak or poor-quality battery also affects the watch’s performance. An inferior battery provides inconsistent power, causing the watch to run slow or stop altogether. Expired or low-quality batteries are prone to leakage, damaging the watch’s components and IC.

4. Magnetic Interference

Watches can become magnetized when placed near electronic devices such as TVs, refrigerators, and microwaves. This can cause the watch to run slower, with inaccuracies up to 1-2 minutes depending on the watch’s quality.

Important Considerations

Avoid Magnetic Fields: Keep the watch away from strong magnetic fields such as TVs, refrigerators, speakers, computers, mobile phones, or other transmitting devices. High-magnetic environments drain the battery faster and can magnetize the IC, leading to inaccurate timekeeping.

Timely Battery Replacement: Replace the battery immediately when it runs out. Even high-quality batteries can leak when expired, damaging other parts of the watch. Ensure you use the correct type and genuine batteries from authorized service centers or stores.

Professional Inspection and Repair: If your quartz watch is not keeping accurate time, do not attempt to repair it yourself unless you understand the issue and have the expertise. Take the watch to Replica Luxury’s service center, where skilled technicians and modern equipment can perform detailed inspections and repairs if necessary.

Quartz Watches Precision and Causes of Inaccuracy

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Replica Luxury Services

All watches purchased from Mon Luxury – Best Replica Watch come with a lifetime free battery replacement service, with no limits on the number of replacements (this does not apply to watches using rechargeable batteries, such as Eco-Drive).