Emerald – The Gemstone Among the Big Five Jewelry

Emerald, one of the big five gemstones, is not only beautiful but also carries significant value and benefits in daily life and feng shui. Standing alongside diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, emeralds are attracting the attention of the elite. What makes this precious stone so alluring? Let’s explore the characteristics and uses of emeralds with Mon Luxury in the article below.

What is Emerald? Properties of Emerald

Emerald, also known as “emerald” in science, belongs to the beryl mineral family and is characterized by its distinctive green color. This precious stone is found in igneous and sedimentary rocks. Emeralds are 20 times rarer than diamonds, which makes them more valuable.

Properties of emeralds:

  • Chemical formula: Be3Al2(SiO3)6::Cr
  • Mineral type: Beryl
  • Hardness on the Mohs scale: 7.5 – 8/10
  • Specific gravity: 2.7-2.78

Emerald – The Gemstone Among the Big Five Jewelry (4)

Emeralds are renowned for their characteristic green color, ranging from light green to deep green, which determines the value of the jewelry. Few people know that emeralds come in other colors such as Pink Emerald, White Emerald, Bee Emerald, Red Beryl Emerald, Pure Emerald, and Alexandrite Emerald, each color bearing its own meaning and use.

History and Economic Value of Emerald

Throughout history, emeralds have always been considered rare and precious gemstones, carrying religious and spiritual significance. Europeans believe that emeralds bring good luck and protection to those born in May. Over 5000 years ago, in civilizations across Asia, Africa, and South America, emeralds were highly prized items. Today, emeralds are one of the four most valuable gemstones, along with diamonds, jade, and rubies.

Emerald – The Gemstone Among the Big Five Jewelry (4)

Uses and Significance of Emerald

1. Health Protection

Emeralds are believed to have absorbed the essence of the earth and sky over thousands of years, providing great strength and value in healing and wellness. They help the wearer feel full of vitality, relieve stress, and balance life. Additionally, emeralds have a calming effect, regulating emotions, and rejuvenating both physical and mental health.

2. Feng Shui Significance

Emeralds absorb positive energy and release negative energy, bringing confidence and passionate love. They also help strengthen and consolidate relationships among family, friends, colleagues, and businesses.

3. Jewelry Significance

With their attractive color, especially the green hue, emerald jewelry symbolizes power and luxury. Emerald jewelry is highly valued for its durability and style, easily fitting into feng shui and personal preferences.

Who Should Use Emerald?

Emeralds are most suitable for people with the Wood and Fire elements. Those with the Earth element should avoid using this stone as Earth clashes with Wood.

Emerald – The Gemstone Among the Big Five Jewelry (4)

Value and Extraction of Emerald

Natural emeralds are very rare and highly valuable, assessed based on the 4C standard: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Emeralds are primarily mined in South America, particularly Colombia and Brazil, as well as in Myanmar, Madagascar, and Afghanistan.

Why Are Emeralds So Valuable?

Aside from their beauty, emeralds have numerous health and spiritual benefits. They enhance health, relieve stress, and support mental tranquility. In terms of love, emeralds help build strong and balanced love, both physically and emotionally.

Distinguishing Real and Fake Emeralds

Synthetic emeralds have a similar structure and appearance to real stones but are cheaper. To distinguish, you can use a magnifying glass to look for impurities and cracks. Real stones are imperfect with many impurities and cracks, whereas fake stones are often flawless. Additionally, real emeralds do not emit a seven-color rainbow like diamonds when illuminated. If unsure, take the stone to a gem certification center.

Emerald – The Gemstone Among the Big Five Jewelry (4)

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Emerald, with its rarity and high value, holds significant meaning in health care and spiritual culture. When buying, customers should be cautious to avoid purchasing fake stones. We hope this information from Mon Luxury is helpful for you in choosing the right emerald jewelry. Thank you for reading, and we wish you health and satisfaction in selecting the perfect emerald jewelry.